Kerala Astrology

Kerala has several thousands of Astrologers. Almost all Thantries in the temples are well-versed in astrology. Hundreds of well educated people have opted for astrology. Holders of Doctorate in Astrology are also sufficient in Kerala.

In Hindu way of life horoscope plays a vital role. When a baby is born, the time and date of birth are noted down and entrusted to an Astrologer for preparation of horoscope. Based on the time and date of birth the Astrologer prepares the horoscope. The horoscope will narrate the events, ups and downs in the life which may take place. The duration of the effects even to a split-minute is recorded in the horoscope. The aspects of health, education, profession, marriage, success or failure in the life etc will also be recorded in the horoscope. Focused on the time of birth, the Astrologer calculates one’s life events more or less precisely correct.

The horoscope not only helps to foresee the good or bad events in the life, but also helps to initiate steps to forestall the bad events. This advantage has influenced many in other communities in Kerala – Christians and Muslims – to turn to horoscopes covertly.

The Astrologers require only the birth star to predict the past and future. Some Astrologers make correct predictions by face reading. Accurate palm reading predictions are very common in Kerala Astrology.Keralite Methods :- The Keralite method of delineation of Horoscopes is highly valued for the predictive accuracy. Kerala had made significant contribution in the field of vedic astrology by contributing "Prasna Marg", considered as the Bible of Horary astrology and Aryabhatiya by AryaBhatta, the 4 Th century astrologer. This book is well known for its accuracy.


The distinctive feature and style of the Kerala astrology is the main feature which makes it a unique and far more interesting branch of astrology. As per the Kerala style of astrology for doing any prediction one don’t require the time or place of birth of a person. Without these vital information the prediction can be made and that too accurately. All these interesting and unique methods have made many tourist fascinated towards this traditional method.